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Sugar DESI-16
Spices DESI-16, DESI-15/16C, DESI-15/16K, RNV, HV, SR-1
Milk powder DESI-15, DESI-15/16C, DESI-14
Dry berries DESI-15/16C, DESI-15, DESI-15/16K
Dry vegetables DESI-16, DESI-15/16C, HV
Dry yeast DESI-15, DESI-15/16C, HV
Fresh, frosen berries, fruit DESI-15/16K, DESI-14
Flour and groats DESI-13, RNV
Gelatin, casein DESI-15, DESI-15/16C, DESI-14
Dry whey DESI-15
Coffee beans DESI-15, HV, RNV
Cabbage, red beetroot

NV-1, KP-1

Mayonnaise, ketchup

ERV-2, dosing and covers sealing devices

Nuts, sunflower seeds 1H4, KH-1, KH-2
Liver, fish pastes 1H4, KH-1, KH-2
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Fodder grain DESI-13, HV
Soya DESI-13, DESI-14
Mustard seeds DESI-15/16C, KH-1
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Wood saw dust DESI-15, DESI-14
Bark of a tree DESI-14
Chopped straw DESI-14, DESI-14A
Pharmaceutical substances DESI-11, DESI-15
Cosmetic creams ERV-2, 3Y8, DESI-11, DESI-15/16C
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Polymers DESI-15, DESI-15/16C, DESI-14, Mixers
Resins DESI-16, DESI-15, DESI-14, Mixers
Reagents DESI-15, DESI-14
Catalysts DESI-15, DESI-14, HV
Carboksimethyl cellulose, lignin DESI-15, DESI-14
Melamine DESI-15, DESI-14
Dry paints, pigments DESI-15, DESI-14, ER-3M
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Fillers DESI-15, DESI-13, DESI-14, DESI-18, DESI-21
Phosphogips DESI-14, 3Y8
Lime, carbonates DESI-13, DESI-14, DESI-18, DESI-21
Salts, oxides DESI-15, DESI-14A, DESI-14
Fertilisers 3Y8, DESI-14, DESI-18
Ores, concentrates DESI-14, DESI-18, DESI-21
Metals, alloys DESI-15, DESI-14, DESI-16
Wastes DESI-15, DESI-14A, DESI-14, 3Y8, HV
Stoned salts DESI-14, DESI-18, SR-1, SR-2
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Black oil & water mixtures ER-3A, ER-4, ER-5
Coal DESI-14, DESI-18, SR-1, SR-2
Shale DESI-14, DESI-18, SR-1, SR-2
Emulsions ERV-2, ER-3, ER-4, ER-5
Suspensions 3Y8, DESI-15, DESI-14
Pastes 3Y8, 1H4,