Rotary cutting crushers RNV.

Rotary cutting crushers RNV are served for crushing biological materials such as pepper, cardamom, and coffee beans which have a relatively low content of oil and water. For a product such as cardamom it is possible to achieve a ground product with total no more than 4-10 % fractions above 2.0 mm and below 0.4 mm.

Prerequisites for the initial material: size of particles below 10-12 mm, content of oil and water below 10 %.

The central part of the rotary cutting crusher consists of a rotor and a stator with the cutting elements. 

The fineness of the product depends on the design of the cutting elements, the speed of the rotor's rotation, and the gap between the rotor and the stator.

  RNV-1 RNV-2
Max. capacity, kg/h 300 - 400 800
Power of electric motor, kW 4,0 7,5
Speed of rotor's rotation, rpm 500 – 1500 500 - 1500
Max. dimensions, mm:    
- length 400 600
- width 250 250
- height 340 - 860 540
Max. weight, kg 165 190
Sound level (at distance 1 m), dB 40 50

The rotary cutting crusher may be supplied with a rotor and a stator with different designs of cutting elements, a feeder, and a magnet separator.