Laboratory Disintegrator DESI-11.

Disintegrator DESI-11 is used in laboratory and research works for grinding and mechanical activation of different dry granulated and powdered materials. 

It is also used in pharmacological and biochemical industries as an industrial mill.     

Disintegrator DESI-11 is also used for treatment of suspensions and emulsions.

Prerequisits for the treated material: hardness by Mohs up to 6, size of particles below 2.5 mm, content of moisture below 3 %.

Average fineness of the ground product is between 0.01-0.2 mm.

Max. capacity, kg/h 10-20
Installed power, kW 3.7 / 4.1
Max. speed of impacts, m/s 175 / 240
Rotor's rotation frequency ( adjustable ), rpm            

3000-12000 / 3000-18000

Max. dimensions, mm:  
- length 500
- width 630
- height 1040
Max. weight, kg 85
Sound level at distance 1 m, dB 100

Standard delivery includes: a Disintegrator DESI-11, a vibrofeeder with a hopper for the initial material (supplied with an agitator), a bag air filter, a receiving container and a control board.

Stainless steel is used for the construction of those parts of the device which come into contact with the grinding material. 

At request, Disintegrator DESI-11 may also be supplied with additional devices, permitting:

1. Grinding in  inert gas medium.

2. Grinding of the pre-cooled materials (including at criogenic temperatures).

3. Grinding of the material with particles of up to 10 mm by using built in sieve. 


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