Disintegrator DESI-21.

Disintegrator is used for grinding dry granulated minerals such as lime, limestone, fertilizers, and ores into powders with particles' size between 0.04-0.2 mm. It is also used for the preparation of various suspensions and pastes such as silicalcite mixtures.

Prerequisits for the initial material: hardness by Mohs up to 6, size of particles below 20 mm, moisture below 6 %.

Max. capacity, t / h 7-30
Installed power, kW 320-575
Working chamber diameter, mm 1300
Rotor's diameter, mm 1200
Overal number of rows with impact elements 3 or 5
Frequency of rotors' rotation, Hz 25
Max. dimentions, mm:  
- lenght 3300
- width 2500
- height 2200
Max. weight, kg 7600-9200
Sound level (at distance 1 m), dB 140

We design and produce grinding lines on the basis of our disintegrators. The lines include feeding, dust removing, product transporting, offloading of the ground product, as well as the necessary electrical equipment.

Grinding lines may, if necessary, include classifiers. For example, a grinding line built on the basis of DESI-21 together with our classifier 5Y92 at productivity 5.6 - 6.0 t/h give product with 97-98 % of the content fraction below 80-100 mkm from lime and limestone with the initial particles below 2 mm.  


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