We produce two types of batch mixers:

  1. Double-spiral mixers with the vertical rotational axis of the mixing body. It is intended for mixing of dry powdered and granulated materials. They can also be used for the preparation of solutions, emulsions, and suspensions.
  2. Drum mixers with the horizontal rotational shaft, placed at an angle to the axis of cylindrical working chamber. It is intended for the preparation of mixtures from dry powdered and granulated materials.

Batch mixers are intended for the preparation of the homogeneous mixtures consisting of multiple materials with the particles' size less than 10-20 mm. They can also be used for the averaging of the composition of dry materials.

The components are loaded into the mixer in order to achieve a homogeneous composition of the mixture. The mixture is offloaded from the mixer and the process may be repeated on another batch of material.

The non-uniformity of the prepared mixtures does not exceed 2-3%.

Mixing time up to 10-20 min.