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plagiarized custom essay I Need site custom writing agents phd thesis in strategic management Prerequsits for the initial material: viscosity up to 250 cSt, temperature up to 80 C, the content of solid phases up to 75 %, and the particles' size up to 8 mm.

Would You Please Help Me With My Homework - Start working on your assignment right away with qualified help presented by the service Find out all you need to know about The central part of a dispergator consists of a rotor and a stator with a few concentrically placed rows with working elements. The material in the dispergator is treated by combined hydrodynamic, shift and cavitation forces.

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  3Y8 G 3Y8 BM 3Y1B
Max. capacity, kg/h 500 1 500 10 000
Power of electric motor, kW 11 30 110
Frequency of rotors' rotation, Hz 50 50 50
Diameter of rotor, mm 300 400 634
Max. dimensions, mm:      
- length 1300 1500 2860
- width 550 650 980
- height 650 700 1000
Max. weight, kg 280 450 2200
Sound level (at distance 1 m), dB 80 90 110

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1. Cover       2. Feeding channel
3. Unloading channel   4. Stator
5. Rotor     6. Housing

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