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Civil Service Essay UK is the heart and soul of various promising scholars who are desperately seeking some support to accomplish in the field Homogenization devices are used for the preparation of fine pastes from curd, nuts, fish, liver, cocoa beans and sunflower seeds. Devices are can be used for utilising ice creme wastes with the solid fillers ( nuts, raisin, wafer ).

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If you're looking for source url, you've found the right place. The EssayDune expert team will write a custom and unique essay that's exactly what you The central part of the homogenisation device consists of a rotor and a stator (on the cover of the device) with the concentrically placed rows with cutting elements. The rotor on periphery is supplied with a girdle.  

If you want to online, find us and feel confident presenting your work! Writing your coursework can make you think again about writing it The workable mixture in apparatuses is treated by combined hydrodynamic, shift, cutting and cavitation forces which perform intensive grinding and homogenisation of the material.

The size of particles in pastes, prepared in the homogenisation device 1H4 is below 700 mkm.

  1Н4-1 1Н4-2
Max. capacity, kg/h 300...1000 150...300
Power / speed of device’s drive rotation, kW / rpm

15 / 3000 or 15 / 1500

7,5 / 3000
Installed power of screw feeder, kW 1.1 or 1.5 0.75
Volume of feeding hopper, l 65...100 65...100
Diameter of rotor, mm 300 300
Max. dimensions, mm:    
- length 1800 840
- width 590 600
- height 1405 1320
Max. weight, kg 350 150
Sound level (at distance 1 m), dB 80 70

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